Visualizing Your Experience: AMAL Core Values

Today, I am writing about Amal Core Values that I learnt from the first week at Amal Fellowship. I made a attractive image on “” about core these core values. (designed image attached). Literally, it was a great and lovely experience as I learnt Amal Values i.e. “Acceptence , “Honesty”, “Responsibility”, “Humility” and “Growth”.

All of the core values directly attached with my professional growth as “Responsibility” leads toward my own liabilities, “Honesty” reflects adherence to facts and figures, “Acceptance” reflects believe-in yourself at difficult situation, “Humility” reflects freedom from pride, “Growth” leads towards sustainable continual improvement of myself.

I discovered in myself that learning process not closed even after completion of university degree. Benchmark learning is lifelong learning that, I experience at each and every up and down of daily life from my home to corporate workplace and surrounding dynamic environment. Thank-you AMAL Academy.

Sadia Ansari


A Biochemist